ISWM DPR for the Government of Assam

The project involves the preparation of the DPR on Municipal Solid Waste Management mainly to assist the personnel involved in managing the solid waste generated in the city. The main objective was to find ways in which the enormous quantity of solid wastes currently disposed of on land can be reduced by recovering materials and energy from wastes, in a cost-effective and environmental friendly manner.

Scope of Work:

  1. Preliminary engineering designs and drawings, based on factual data and site assessments at Nazira & Simaluguri
  2. Cost estimates and financing plan
  3. Outlining Financial and economic viability
  4. Incorporating environmental and social safeguards
  5. Detailed implementation arrangements
  6. Delineating interventions for Capacity building.
  • Nazira Municipal Board & Simaluguri Town committee
  • Nazira & Simaluguri, Assam
ISWM DPR for the Government of Assam